Psychics FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Psychic FAQ

Q: Can you define “clairvoyant” for me?

A clairvoyant is an individual who has a supernatural ability that enables them to “see” things that will happen in the future.

Q: What kind of problems can a psychic help me solve?

A: psychic can aid you in many different areas of your life. There are actually different types of psychic for different problems:

Pet psychics: A pet psychic is someone who can communicate with animals and some can even contact dead animals. Those who simply talk to the living are also known as “animal communicators” or “animal psychologists.” Pet psychics aid individuals with finding missing pets, with understanding and fixing bad behavior, and communicating with their sick or dying pet to know what he or she wants.

Love psychics: As their name suggests, love psychics aid their clients with the relationships in their personal life. By working with a love psychic, a couple can strengthen their bond and find peace of mind, while an individual who happens to be single can receive direction in their quest to find “the one.”

Career psychics: As with love psychics, the name is self-explanatory. Career psychics aid their customers with all aspects of their working life. One might ask their career psychic about how to improve relations with their boss or coworkers, if it is time to ask for a promotion or start looking for another job, or if they are pursuing the correct career. Career psychics are especially helpful tools for those job hunting as their clairvoyant talents allow them to see events that are coming that you are unable to spot.

Intuitive psychics: Intuitive psychics are able to read people’s emotions and tell their client how a specific individual is feeling. For example, if you are concerned about a loved one, an intuitive psychic can find out if there is anything emotionally troubling them and relay that to you. An intuitive psychic can even help you understand yourself better; by being a third party who is able to see your emotions, they are in a unique position to be able to explain your feelings in a rational, detached manner.

Psychic mediums: Psychic mediums are individuals who have been gifted with the ability to communicate with those that have died, as well as see the future.

Q: What tools & methods do psychics use?

A: Common are the following Divination Methods:

Astrology: Astrology is the study of the relationship between planetary motion and the course of human events.

Aura reading: An “aura” is a bio-energetic field that all things, both living and non-living, possess and constantly emit. It is a source of energy and a barrier for negativity. An aura reader interprets the qualities of your aura and advises you based on their observations

Cartomancy: Also known as “playing card divination,” cartomancy uses an ordinary deck of playing cards to tell the future.

Crystallomancy: Divination method that uses crystals.

Lithomancy: Divination method that uses stones.

Numerology: Starting from the premise that each individual is born with a set of numbers that are unique to that one person, numerologists take those numbers and use them to tell the future and give information about the client’s personality.

Palm reading: Also known as “palmistry” or “chiromancy,” this method uses the characteristics of the hand (such as the lines) to tell the future and give insight into a person’s self.

Psychometry: Psychometry is the ability of being able to know an object’s history just by touching it.

Tarot reading: Very similar to cartomancy, except tarot card reading utilizes a special deck, with each card containing a picture that symbolizes a particular concept. Someone who can read tarot cards can use these to gain an idea of someone’s future.

Q: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A: The difference between a psychic and a medium is that a medium can communicate with the dead as well as see the future; a psychic just sees the future.

Q: How do I know if my psychic is the real deal or a scam artist?
A: As in any industry, there will always be a few bad apples that give the rest of the group a bad reputation. Fortunately, spotting a fake is pretty easy:

• They ask for information like your birthday, star sign, country of residence, city of residence, age, and sex. To the experience con artist, this type of information can tell them a lot about your life and enable them to come up with a “reading” that seems to fit, but is actually just them making clever extrapolations from the information you provided.

• If they say they are well-known, or have worked with Hollywood celebrities, and you check up on this (as you should) and learn no one has ever praised this psychic’s gifts.

• They offer you spells and candles to cause certain events to happen or not happen, they say you or someone you love has been cursed and only a treatment from them can help, which, of course, will cost extra.

• They get upset when you test them. A real psychic understands skepticism and is confident enough of their abilities that they do not mind being politely tested.

Q: What are the qualities of a good psychic reading?

A: A good psychic reading should leave you with renewed focus and outlook on whatever problem or issue you had on your mind. You should feel as if you know yourself better because of the information your psychic has given you and feel more grounded and less lost. The psychic is there to guide you on your path, not to force you into a course of action or tell you what to do, so if the latter happens, then do not feel obligated to do as they say. Psychics do not generally have answers, but they can enlighten you and help you with your problems—think of them as counselors who use spiritual energy to heal and nurture.

Q: How accurate are psychic readings?

A: Questions about accuracy are understandable, but somewhat misguided. There is no real way to tell the accuracy of a psychic’s reading because the future is constantly changing due to the actions we take in our lives. In other words, the path you were on when you first visited your psychic may not be the path you continue on after the consultation. When circumstances change, your future changes and even the best psychic in the world cannot totally account for the outcomes caused by human free will.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask?

A: If you want more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer, you need to phrase your questions in a way that facilitates a more detailed response. Ask questions that begin with “what” and “how,” rather than “will” or “should.” You should also avoid questions that ask for specific times and dates of an event as well those that inquire as to the exact identity of a person the reader may see in your future. Because the future is not fixed, there is no way to tell that kind of information.

Q: How important is the relationship I develop with my psychic?

A: It is imperative that you feel comfortable enough with your psychic to be relaxed and open during the reading. It is also important for there to be a level of trust. You should always feel free to speak of your greatest desires or fears in their presence, because that is what they are there to help you with.

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